Switched to Google Cloud & PostgreSQL Infrastructure, API v2, Dashboard v3.1, Instant Proxy Deployment & More

New FeatureImprovements

May and June of 2021 have been busy. We're excited to announce an even better Illusory has come from it.

Switched to Google Cloud & PostgreSQL Infrastructure

To address our unforeseen demand and technical incompetencies―we've switched our entire infrastructure once again; this time, finding our true home with Google Cloud, hosting Postgre.

This has allowed us to render site features at blazing speeds and create a much more robust API.

API v2

We've revamped the API once again to provide a much better and fluid experience. Interactions happen at lightning speed. No more unique webhook auths. You'll use a real endpoint with your authorized key and email to perform actions.

Read more at our dev docs here.

Dashboard v3.1

With the new update―Illusory Dash loads 10x faster and performs actions insanely quick. In addition, we took feedback from users and rearranged some things on the dashboard.

Not only do proxy controls appear in an easier-to-access place, but we've also adjusted button styling, fixed horizontal scrollbar sizing, changed last IP change to human-readable format, and added an online status webhook trigger option; so you can get notified every time your proxy resets.

Instant Proxy Deployment

Some already know that we launched instant proxy deployment. You can now purchase proxies and gain access instantly, without any setup on our end required 🔥

Switch ISPs Seamlessly; No Charge

Not many know this, but you can also switch ISPs instantly, at no charge. We intend to add this into the API as well.

Can you imagine what this could do for your operations?

AT&T > Run ops > Switch to Verizon > Run ops > Repeat and die happily.

Hourly Plans

We recognize users may really only need a short test to determine if Illusory proxies will suit your use case. There are now $5, 1-hour plans that are perfect for evaluating.

New-New Community

I know this seems a little bipolar, but we weren't feeling discourse. So we moved to Circle. We're happy with the decision 😀 looking forward to hearing from you.